What we do

We do classic PR. We work with the media, we set trends and form a public opinion around the right events, people and companies

We do not buy publications in the media. Together with our partners and customers, we create news that is being posted free by the leading media in Central Asia because we do interesting news

We create compelling local content demanded by leading news internet sites, print media, television channels and social networks in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

We specialize in PR, focusing on building image and reputation of companies, supporting the categories of their products and services, developing specific regular plans for their promotion and protection

We build relationships with journalists and bloggers, experts and opinion leaders, government agencies and industry associations to have their support in advancing the interests of our customers

We also promote specific products and product brands of our partners on the internet and social networks, creating business, educational, or entertaining content demanded by target audiences and mass media

Clients and partners