What we do

For each client, we develop and implement individual strategies, including effective interactive programs:

Media relations
  • General consulting
  • Ensuring relevant positioning
  • Ensuring advancing of client's interests in the media
  • Reputation management
  • Building and maintaining relationships with journalists and editors
  • Forming a positive-oriented journalists’ pool
  • Formal and informal meetings with journalists
  • Press briefings, press conferences, press tours, press lunches and media contests organizing
  • Writing of all necessary texts and materials
  • Media monitoring and content analysis
Government and stakeholder relations
  • General consulting
  • Providing analysis of relevant information on political and economic processes that affect business
  • Interaction with relevant government bodies and legislators organization
  • Relevant meetings and events organization
  • Assistance in resolving specific business issues
  • Engaging Government representatives in solving relevant business problems and challenges
  • Promotion and protection of the interests of the industries
  • Formal alliances organization for solving common problems
  • Analysis of the competitors` activities
  • Relevant legislation monitoring
  • Communication support of business and government partnership projects
Public relations
  • Ensuring effective interaction with relevant public bodies and persons
  • Reputation management
  • Ensuring target audiences, opinion leaders and general public support
  • Formal public alliances organization for developing common tasks
  • Assistance in the successful passing of public hearings and environmental expertise

We also do:

Social media and Internet communications
  • Providing relevant positioning and information support
  • Reputation management
  • Brands and product groups promotion
  • Developing of online communities and channels, content management
  • Building relationships and ensuring support of bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Organizing relationship-building events for bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Responding to negative comments and reviews
  • Social media monitoring and analysi
Crisis сommunications/anti-crisis PR
  • General consulting
  • Development and implementation of anti-crisis communication rules, docs and measures
  • Anti-crisis management in the media and the Internet, emergency measures implementing
  • Crisis prevention organization, development of possible crisis scenarios, strategies and tactics of anti-crisis actions development
  • Development of relevant theses and argumentation base
  • Trials’ communication support
Organization of public and business events of any format and scale
  • Formation of the ideology: the development of the strategy and event concept
  • Ensuring participation of the right partners, negotiations’ holding, agreements’ establishing
  • Authoritative speakers engaging, providing coordination and ensuring the right format and topics of speeches
  • Assistance in speakers theses’ development, ensuring the delivery of necessary messages
  • Ensuring the participation of relevant target groups, officials and reputable experts
  • Enduring necessary public attention to the event
  • Site selection, design and technical support
  • Providing full logistics’ support
  • Ensuring wide media coverage
Internal communication programs
  • Development of corporate values and documents
  • Development of the forms and contents of corporate publications/Intranet
  • Ensuring interaction and involvement of employees
  • Organization of corporate events and training